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Municipal Traffic Offense Attorney. Specializing in DUI, DWI, DPO, PDPO, Traffic Offenses and ALL Municipal Vioaltions in the state of NJ.

Edward Ameri has been practicing law since 2014 in various areas of Criminal Law, including municipal court defense, traffic court and DWI, CDS matters, wills and power of attorneys, civil litigation, OPRA, commercial and consumer litigation, employment law, personal injury law, and professional malpractice law.

The Law Office of Edward Ameri LLC specializes in municipal court traffic tickets and DWI’s, my main area of expertise and legal practice.  However, he is able to also work with DPO's, PDPO's, and ALL municipal ordinance violations throughout the state of NJ.

Edward Ameri's experience in traffic court has allowed him to help clients have dismissed charges, 0 point plea deals, reduced fines and charges, and not guilty verdicts. His success in trials means that clients can be absolved from jail time for serious or minor traffic offenses.


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